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A competition that brings people together

Since the 1990s, TREC became a gathering element for the FITE. International, World and European Championships are organized in each NETO member of the FITE. They have to abide by specifications that the FITE provides.

The horse

It has to be at least 6 years-old and must be in good shape, calm, attentive and should have bonded with its rider.

TREC rider

Il doit être âgé d’au moins 14 ans et doit être capable de se déplacer en milieu naturel, à l’aide d’une carte topographique et de franchir en sécurité l’ensemble des difficultés habituellement rencontrées dans la nature. Aucune tenue officielle n’est imposée, cependant une tenue correcte est exigée. Le port du casque est obligatoire sur l’ensemble des phases.


Competitive Trail Riding (TREC)

This discipline has 3 tests

POR Phase
Parcours d'Orientation et de Régularité​

Compass, map and chronometer are essential.Competitors must conscientiously follow a 30 to 50 kms long route that corresponds to a marking they will have discovered and transcribed 20 minutes before their departure. Stage and route checkpoints whose locations are unknown by the competitors are hidden throughout the route. These checkpoints purpose is to check on the competitor's time of route, the accuracy of the route taken as well as the horse's welfare with veterinary controls. Riders must abide by an imposed speed (between 6 and 12 km/h). Good knowledge of topography enables to predict the horse's effort and to manage the progression. 

Obstacle course

This circuit, from 1,5 to 5 km, is to be performed in an ideal time which means a maximum of 12km/h. It presents a range of natural or simulated difficulties: corridor, bank, cross-slope, dip, gate, footbridge, water crossing, immobility, etc... Judges grade the efficiency, the style or chosen pace by the competitors and the potentials penalties.
This phase takes place the day after the POR phase and enables to evaluate the horse's abilities of recovering after a sustained effort.

Control of paces

This phase is made to highlights the paces of the horse. In an about 2 meters long materialized corridor, the horse has to travel a 150m distance, first at the slowest canter, then at the fastest walk. Putting a foot out of the corridor or performing a break of paces, makes the competitor lose all of the points for the judged pace.

Fiches M.A. - P.O.R. - P.T.V.

Technical documents

Find out all the TREC technical documents

All official discipline documents

The FITE puts documents at your disposal that enable you to find a roster of judges, trainers and results. It also gives you the opportunity to get informed about the applicable TREC regulation.

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International judges
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Instructors of international judges
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The next instructors for internaitonal judges and PTV course designers will take place in Spaint= the 10-12, 2023. Please contact the FITE for more information.
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