The FITE and its NETOs organize many events around equestrian tourism: meetings, events, raids or rallies, discover them and participate in these international exchanges.

3 and 4 May, 2024!

International Meeting of Equestrian Tourism

This event aims to bring together various organizations and institutions around outdoor sports, tourism, rurality and horses to exchange on different practices, share ideas and promote equestrian tourism internationally.

In 2025!


The Equirando is the biggest European gathering of equestrian tourism gathering riders and drivers practicing outdoor riding. Participants from all horizons, called Equirandins, hike, some leaving several weeks or even several months in advance, in order to meet at the same place for 3 days of festivities in a privileged setting!

En Septembre

World Tourism Day

La FITE partage le message de l’Organisation Mondiale du Tourisme et s’implique depuis sa création à promouvoir le tourisme équestre comme activité durable et ouverte à tous.


Event touristique international

Texte introductif de la rencontre.