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Equestrian routes

Tools developed by member countries

Finding the right route can sometimes give a headache : finding the destination, its length, how many kilometers...

 The Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Équestre helps you find your way by providing websites identifying equestrian routes in order to facilitate your research.

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Trekking in France with GeoCheval

The French map of equestrian routes

You want to go on a ride in France ? Find all centres accredited by the Fédération Française d'Equitation to go on a ride, for both beginner and advanced riders.

You have your own horse ? Find the Cheval étape center to take a break while on a ride or hike. These routes are periodically updated.

Itinéraires équestre au Pays-Bas
The Netherlands

Trekking in Netherlands with Buitenrijden

The Netherlands map of equestrian routes

Buitenide.nl is a platform of the Royal Dutch Federation of Questres Sports (KNHS), the equestrian association of the Netherlands.

Outdoor riding is a popular form of horseback riding. Each year, 17 million outdoor rides are organized by more than 400,000 active cyclists. We are happy to help you on your way with the help of Buitenijden.nl!


Trekking in Spain with Turismo Ecuestre

The Spain map of equestrian routes

Turismoecuestre.org est une plateforme de la Fédération Royale Équestre Espagnole (RFHE). Sur la carte sont également affichés les services touristiques et équestres le long de vos itinéraires.

Itinéraires équestre en Espagne
©Turismo Ecuestre
Itinéraires équestre en Allemagne
©Pferd Aktuel

Trekking in Germany with Pferdaktuell

The German map of equestrian routes

The brochure "Horse tourism in Germany" contains all known offers for rider route maps, horse riding atlases and accommodation directories clearly organized by the federal states.

In addition to many tips on the topic of horseback riding, the brochure also contains legal regulations for the practice of horseback riding in the field and in the forest.


Trekking in USA with Trail Meister

The USA map of equestrian routes

TrailMeister is your horse trails and camp guide to horse riding trails and horse camps. From trail heads in the high country, to state parks, county parks, campgrounds, bridle trails, and wilderness areas, we’ve got your trail ride listed.

Another trail listing site for people with their own state-run horses and mules.

Guide des sentiers équestres et des campements équestres aux USA
©Trail Master
Explorez les sentiers d'équitation et les cartes des sentiers équestres

Trekking in USA with TrailLink

The USA map of equestrian routes

Explore horseback riding trails and horse trail maps on TrailLink.com. Use our comprehensive trail guides with descriptions, photos, and reviews to plan your next horseback riding trail adventure.

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