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Recognition of professional equestrian tourism diplomas thanks to IGEQ

ITS MISSION: To improve the well-being of equines through the development, promotion and maintenance of equestrian training.
The International Group is an independent voluntary organization of national equestrian federations (currently 33 member countries).

The IGEQ harmonizes equestrian qualifications and ensures that they are recognized internationally. It issues international equestrian passports through its 33 member countries. It controls and standardizes examinations and training, and encourages the sharing of best equestrian practice. The conditions for obtaining the passport are strict and follow specific criteria.

International horse riding is thus valued and promoted according to a common framework and rules.


Creation of IGEQ in 1992

In 2001, the group began working with the FEI (Fédération Équestre Internationale) to set up a list of FEI-approved trainers, appointed in December 2001.

The group's work since 1992 has made a major contribution to international cooperation, and it is continually working to develop cross-border education and training for the equestrian world.