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Infos pratique

Cheval Nature

Equestrian tourism magazine

You will find on this catalog all of the required information for your walks and hikes. It is published by the French National Committee of Equestrian Tourism, which promotes equestrian tourism as a whole, together with many disciplines of equestrian outdoors activities.
Cheval Nature describes what equestrian tourism is, recommended equipment, equestrian outdoors disciplines and their functioning,equestrian tourism meetings that are scheduled during the year, itineraries and marking reminders .
This catalog is a useful tool for every adept of horse-riding hikes. 

En général

Reminder of ground rules

1 - Take into account your and your horse's abilities
2 - Consider outdoors conditions,
3 - Remain reachable and easily traceable,
4 - Wear an outfit that suits your activity (helmet, outfit, being visible),
5 - Respect other road/path users,
6 - Fully respect the environment,
7 - Report any irregularity,
8 - Have in mind the marking system of the country you are in,
9 - Have in mind the local traffic and safety regulations,
10 - Basic knowledge about the fauna and flora, topography and orienteering should be acquired.