What is
the FITE ?

The International Federation of Equestrian Tourism (FITE) has been established in 1975. France, together with Belgium and Italy made this collaborative effort to create this federation. Its purpose is to gather national equestrian tourism organisms (NETOs) throughout the world. Its will is to represent them and supervise their actions in order to develop touristic activities envolving equids.

It is administrated by a General Assembly and a Board of Directors. Its head and administrative office is based in Lamotte-Beuvron (France), in the offices of the French Equestrian Federation (Fédération Française d'Equitation, FFE). The FITE is handling the technical matters of its activities thanks to a Technical Delegate and through the work and proposals of commissions. They aim to create rules and to develop the competitions of outdoor and traditional riding, such as TREC or working equitation.

The internationalization of the organization, the sharing of tasks and services is a reality for the FITE. Our board is representative of good relationships between men and countries. No borders, several flags, a single banner to defend the interests and the future of outdoor riding and horseback travelers.

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It supervises equestrian tourism but also equestrian sports such as TREC, driving TREC, Working Equitation or Skijoring


Its priorities


Equestrian tourism infrastructures (routes, paths and trails, cottages)


The training of supervisors and riders


Products of equestrian tourism


International exchanges


Equestrian tourism events and competitions

Member countries

and contacts

Nowadays, the FITE gathers 22 National Equestrian Tourism Organisms (NETOs), mainly from Europe but also from Asia, Africa, and America. Members loyalty and new memberships are part of the FITE priorities. This allows to supplement pieces of knowledge and thus to increase its means while developing its international influence.

EU Committee

In order to meet the European NETOs' expectations, the FITE implemented an EU Committee that is willing to discuss national and Europeans enforceable regulations to equestrian tourism. A watch is also carried out to analyze European legislating that have an impact on the sanitary conditions of the equids and the promotion of tourism or means to the service of soft hiking.

The FITE supports and accompanies the development of transnational equestrian routes on an international scale. To do so, a study about cross-border link has been carried out. This study demonstrated that the international organization of equestrian tourism differs between countries. Thus, the FITE is willing to conduct an alignment of safe and recognized equestrian routes on an international level. Those include places where riders can take a break and where horses may benefit from requiered services. The FITE joins outdoors sports meetings on an European scale in order to represent equestrian tourism on an international level. The FITE is also involved with association promoting rurality.



The freedom to travel is intimately linked to the ability to be autonomous and responsible in the natural environment. Thus, the training represents an essential element in what equestrian tourism has to offer. It concerns in the first place the instructors - which means those who have the responsibility to guide and accompany the riders on the hiking trails. What is more, it also concerns riders that are willing to acquire specific abilities to practice outdoors equitation.
For more than fifteen years, thanks to the thrust and with the help of the FITE, many NETOs have compared their teaching methods in order to harmonise their relative diplomas. By bringing professionnalism and quality, this convention answers the growing concerns about security, seriousness and comfort. Equestrian tourism diplomas have also been added in the equivalence grid of IGEQ - International Group for Equestrian Qualifications - thanks to the involvement of the FITE.


Together with the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the FITE organizes, regulates and promotes a few competitive sports disciplines : : the TREC (Techniques de randonnée Équestre de Compétition), Driving TREC, as well as Working Equitation and Skijoring. Every year, the FITE delegates the organization of an international championship to a NETO : World and/or European Open TREC Championships for Seniors / Juniors.
TREC find its roots in the desire to see the outdoors riders competing among themselves through diverse tests : Parcours d'Orientation et de Régularité (POR Phase), Parcours en Terrain Varié (PTV - obstacle course) and Maîtrise des allures (control of paces). They depict the common exercises of an outdoor rider and they allow to prepare and to train horses and riders. The TREC, within the FITE, is playing a part in the rapprochement of riders coming from all around the world. In less than twenty years, TREC has become a top-tier competition. As a sport aiming to preserve and develop equestrian skills regarding cattle leading and cattle sorting, Working Equitation is also one of the main goal of the FITE. Coming from a great rural and outdoor background, this equestrian activity is spread worldwide in many countries.