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Working equitation is a discipline that aims to preserve and develop equestrian skills on activities related to the conduct and sorting of livestock.

This activity is performed in a large number of European countries but also in Asia and in North and South America. The fact that it is so widespread should help it to get an increasing development.

Les objectifs poursuivis
par l'équitation de
travail sont multiples

A prime objective for farming
Contribuer à la sélection et à la valorisation des sujets les plus adaptés à l’usage professionnel dans le bétail.

A cultural objective
To transmit and promote riding techniques as well as horse training in situation of work with livestock.

An economic objective
To promote the outlets of the horse's sector in France, Europe and worldwide, by increasing equestrian activities. These have for basis working equitation techniques and the promotion of horses in the society.

La dimension

...concerning the discipline and the different countries in which this activity is performed, can be expressed in :

  • Professional techniques passed on by previous generations
  • Horse breeds specifically bred for work, in the different concerned countries
  • The use of characteristic materials and harnesses from each countries
  • Specific outfits from each country

A particular work language.
The will to preserve professional technics and cultural practices lead to the creation of sports venues. Its purpose is to enable a confrontation both sportive and cultural that aim to demonstrate the qualities of the horse as well as the rider's ability.

l'équitation de travail
in video
We give you every detail
Qualités requises pour
pratiquer cette discipline

For horses

Suitability with livestock

For riders

General handling skills
Motor coordination
Correct aids
Handling specific material
Perception of what's going on
Accurate interpretation
Accurate interventions


Separation of livestock

The 3 different tests in a few words

Test of


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It assesses the pair's capacity of recreating movements usually practiced in working situations with livestock. It highlights the ease of the pair in the different movements executed.

Test of


Crédit photo ©P. TAURIGAN

Ces épreuves comprennent une épreuve de maniabilité technique et une épreuve de maniabilité chronométrée.

Test of


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Il s’agit d’une épreuve chronométrée qui doit rendre compte des compétences professionnelles des concurrents dans le tri du bétail. La définition des contraintes de l’épreuve doit être telle que les critères de réalisation ci-dessus soient impérativement respectés. Tout résultat sportif qui montrerait le contraire, serait le signe d’une inadaptation du règlement à l’esprit de la discipline.

Technical datasheets and scoring

Take a look at the figures and print the scoring scheme !

Retrouvez les documents officiels
de la discipline

The FITE puts documents at your disposal about the applicable Working Equitation regulation as well as a roster of judges.

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Roster of judges
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