Officialisation of the rapprochement between the IHAA and the FITE!

The rapprochement between the FITE and the IHAA had been voted unanimously by the IHAA in January 2020 in Pomaz, Hungary, during the meeting of the general members of the assocation. The negociations had already started in 2017 during the European Championships of Horseback Archery, under the guidance of the FITE and with the collaboration of the IHAA, at the Parc Equestre Fédéral in Lamotte-Beuvron.

Thursday 27th of february 2020 , the presidents of both associations, Frédéric Bouix (FITE) and Alan Le Gall (IHAA) met to officialize the decision of the IHAA to join the FITE. The main objective of this rapprochement is to offer Horseback Archery the necessary frame for development at an international level, and to create rules that would be common to all participating countries.
The IHAA was created in 2013 and is invested in the development of horseback archery and its uniform regulation. It also has the mission to promote this sport through international competitions. The IHAA also wishes to put forward the use of a single system of rules, as well as establish a point system that would allow archers to quantify their results and fix improvement objectives.

Horseback Archery has now been added to the list of sports supervised by the FITE: TREC, Driving TREC and Working and Traditionnal Equitation.