The Morocco Equestrian Rally comes back in 2023

The Morocco Equestrian Rally returns for a second edition, from March 8 to 11, 2023 in the region of Essaouira. This Rally is organized by the Association Nationale Marocaine de Tourisme Equestre, the Moroccan NETO of the FITE, under the aegis of the Fédération Royale Marocaine des Sports Équestres, in collaboration with the Société Royale d’Encouragement du Cheval and with the FITE support. The second edition, initially planned for 2020, had to be cancelled because of Covid-19.


The Rally

The Morocco Equestrian Rally is a course of orientation and regularity of a distance of 100 to 120 km. In teams of four or five, the riders have to orient themselves between beaches and argan trees, manage the effort of their horse while facing the challenges offer by the nature.
According to the organiser, this rally is "an invitation to travel through different reliefs and landscapes in order to make you live a competition in the spirit of attachment to nature and to discover Morocco differently."
The Barbes and Arabes-Barbes, famous horses of the region, will be honored on this occasion.


Tuesday March 7: welcome and installation of the riders.
From Wednesday, March 8 to Saturday, March 11: 4-day rally.
Saturday, March 11: arrival in Essaouira, prize-giving and concert.

The organizers have planned for the closing day on the square of Essaouira equestrian animations, pony rides, Tbourida demonstrations, stands with local craftsmen and other surprises! The day will end with a concert open to the public.

Registration and additional information

Find all the information and the registration form:
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