Recommendations for the equestrian tourism stakeholders

The first International Meeting of Equestrian Tourism brought together the stakeholders of equestrian tourism and outdoor sports from 9 different nations.

During discussions, many recommendations and collaboration opportunities for the stakeholders of equestrian tourism - equestrian federations, horse riders' associations, equestrian structures, etc. - and for the sector of outdoor sports were evoked, among which:

  • To inform public and private local stakeholders - local authorities, tourist structures, accommodation providers, etc. - of the benefits (social and economic) of developing equestrian tourism in their area and of the complementarity with other tourist activities.
  • Develop cooperation with rural stakeholders (agricultural sector, tourism sector...).
  • Exchange and work with tourist structures (accommodation providers, points of interest...) to develop the tourist offer on the territory.
  • Collaborate with other outdoor sports by optimizing existing routes (pedestrian, cycling, etc.) and by creating multipractice routes to develop common routes.
  • Collaborate with tourism organizations to include equestrian tourism in their offers.
  • To provide information on how to cross borders on horseback.
  • Collaborate with local, regional and national stakeholders to develop cross-border routes.

Find the complete summary of this meeting and the resulting recommendations:


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