Florence Fornar TREC 2020 Madagascar

A first TREC in Madagascar !

On 15 November at the Amajo pony club in Ilafy, the Malagasy equestrian tourism organisation, Touristic equestrian association Madagascar, participated in the official presentation of TREC on the island.

The results of the competition are :

  • 1st - Nicolas Machiels and Pain d’Epices
  • 2nd – Carla Bene sur Kotomavo
  • 3rd – Alix Bersia sur Expresso
  • 4th – Yvan Rakotondramaro sur Iambininah

Madagascar joined FITE on 1 September 2019 to develop equestrian tourism and FITE disciplines in Madagascar. The TREC events were organised in accordance with the official rules and the technical and scoring sheets set up by the FITE and available on the page of its website dedicated to the discipline.

FITE congratulates the organisers, participants and the Malagasy NETO for this first edition and hopes that this competition will be the first of many on the Red Island.

Photo ©Team – Florence Fornar


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