Championnat d'Europe 2021 équitation de travail

A great weekend for the Working Equitation

The results of the Working Equitation European Championship occured from 10 to 12 Septembre are here.

The European Working Equitation Championships were held from September 10 to 12, at Domaine Les Trois Fontaines, Pouget (France). 4 nations took part: Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. The number of participants for these championships – 43 participants including 21 Young Riders and 22 Seniors – broke its record and testifies to the growing appeal of this discipline.

Individual ranking - Young riders

  1. DELLA CORTE Stefano avec Laika (IT)
  2. LAUKEMPER Anna avec Starlight Smart Mini (DE)
  3. CORDIER Margot avec Dior du Mas (FR).

Individual ranking - Young riders

  1. GRILLINI Chiara avec Cutter Honey Taris (IT)
  2. CORRADO Luca avec Mr Kreb (IT)
  3. SENSI Paolo avec M.Ultimo Baio (IT).

The Italian team, as in 2019, won in both categories: Young riders and Senior.

Individual ranking - Young riders

  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Germany

Classement par équipe – Catégorie séniors

  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Germany

Working equitation is composed by 4 tests: dressage, technical handling, timed handling and cattle sorting.

Find the complete results here :

— Access the European Championship-Young Riders results
— Access the European Championship-Seniors results

Congratulations to all riders!

Pictures ©Amanda Malchior ©Domaine les 3 Fontaines ©FITE


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