TREC: trainers for judges and PTV Course designers training in Spain

On March 11 and 12, the trainers of judges and PTV course designers training took place in Riocabado, Spain.

This year, 18 participants gathered accompanied by the Technical Delegate of the FITE to work on the 2023 regulations and technical sheets, with practical applications in the field.

New technical and scoring sheets for the PTV

This year, the course was all the more important as the technical and scoring sheets for the PTV have been modified. According to Thierry Maurouard, Technical Delegate of the FITE, these new sheets are "more practical and easier to use, they have been very well received by everyone". 

Tina Foldager, Danish trainerr, says that: "the comprehensive changes to the technical sheets for the PTV exercises and score sheets were presented. The changes were further elaborated and put into practice during our evaluation of the test riders. I believe that it will be easier to give the riders a more precise and fair evaluation. Furthermore I am sure that the riders will feel that they are better informed about the reason for the points they are given".

Brigitte Kindel, German trainers agrees: "the participants agreed that the new way of judging will lead to a fairer and more comprehensible evaluation".

The TREC spirit

Thierry Maurouard notes that "over the years, the judges are more and more in harmony with the spirit of TREC, especially on the design of the courses. It's always nice to get together with TREC enthusiasts, there is always a good state of mind and a very friendly atmosphere".

Brigitte Kindal adds that "it was again a nice occasion to see old familiar faces again and also to get to know new ones, and also to exchange ideas about many things beyond the TREC sport".

The participants also praised the very good reception and the involvement of the organizer, whom they thanked.

See you in August 2023

Organized on the location of the 2023 TREC European Championships for Juniors and Young Riders, this training was the opportunity for the 18 trainers to discover the place of this next sporting event. See you at the end of August 2023!

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Photos ©Mairead Moynihan


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