Rhinopneumonia : extension of the suspension of equestrian competitions

Due to the current evolution of the myeloencephalitis - EHV1 (rhinopneumonia) epidemic, the FITE has decided to extend the suspension of all its competitions and meetings by two weeks, until Sunday 11 April inclusive.

This decision is taken in accordance with the FEI's announcement that all equestrian competitions in continental Europe will be suspended until at least 11 April.

FITE is also following the FEI in recommending that all national events be cancelled to minimise the movement of horses.

Although the initial outbreak was declared in February at the Valencia CSI in Spain, many positive horses have since been declared across Europe. The situation tends to be under control in most cases, however new infections are still occurring, particularly in France, which is the second most affected country after Spain.

Some NETOs have already decided to cancel some of their dates for the TREC European Cup 2021 due to the health crisis and the rhinopneumonia epidemic.

We will inform you regularly about the evolution of the epidemiological situation. We invite you to contact your NETO for further information on the measures taken at national level.

We reiterate our call for vigilance and respect of good practices in order to resume all activities as soon as possible in an already heavily disrupted context.

At a time when only professional closed-door gatherings and competitions were being organised, vaccination and booster shots against this disease are still recommended for exposed horses.


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