Morroco Equestrian Rally

« Participez à une aventure équestre hors du commun »

Morocco Equestrian Rally, second edition, will be held from March 11th to 14th, 2020, in Essaouira. This year theme is "Beach and argan trees". Each team is composed of 4 riders. 
This event is organized by the Moroccan National Association of Equestrian Tourism (ANMTE), under the aegis of the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports (FRMSE), in partnership with the Moroccan society of encouragement of horses (SOREC) with FITE's support.

Morocco Equestrian Rally is an orientation and regularity horseback riding POR over a 100 to 120km distance. More than 60 riders from various backgrounds will live together an immersive equestrian adventure through Essaouira's natural surroundings legendary beaches and its mythical Argan trees.  

Riders will enjoy orienting and helping each other to overcome nature's difficulties and manage their efforts while improving their riding endurance. 

This surreal experience is friendly competition and riders may invite guests to share these Incredibles moments with them. 

This first edition was held from April 30th to May 4th, 2019, in the desert of Agafay in the Moroccan High Atlas. It gathered 40 riders, divided into 8 teams, including 2 teams from the Ivory Coast. The ANMTE team won the event, the Ivory Coast was second and the third place was won by the SOREC team. 

You can watch the presentation video of the 2020's edition by clicking HERE
You can also watch the rally from the Ivorian teams by clicking HERE

Découvrez le rallye 2020
Découvrez les rallye des cavaliers ivoiriens

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