Bilan coseil administration FITE 2020

Le bilan en détails

Le Conseil d’administration de la FITE s’est réuni le 7 février 2020 à Boulogne (France). Cette réunion à été l’occasion de se focaliser sur deux points importants : le sport et les adhésions.

1 - Sports

  • TREC : TREC commission's report was discussed during the Board of directors meeting. Several elements regarding the regulation and the conduct of competition were updated. During official FITE competition, it is now mandatory to use FITE official documents in order to facilitate their comprehension by international judges. The new regulation as well as FITE official documents are available in both French and English HERE.
  • Working equitation : Working equitation commission's report was also discussed during the meeting. The commission proceeded to some adjustments regarding the process of competitions and the regulation. The "in-hand reining back" is added to the list of difficulties encountered during the tests. Also, the double-pole slalom and the side-pass tests are only applicable to the senior category. What is more, Working equitation tests are now accessible to people with disabilities. The new regulation, as well as FITE official documents provided for competitions, are available in both French and English HERE.
  • Skijoring : A FITE regulation has been provided for the discipline.

2 - Memberships

  • International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) : The IHAA established ties with the FITE in order to beneficiate from its structure and framework in order to support the development of horseback archery international competitions. This understanding between the IHAA and the FITE will be formalized in the next few weeks turning horseback archery the 5th discipline managed by the FITE.
  • Kazakh Equestrian Club - Kazakhstan : The Kazakh Equestrian Club wished to join the FITE in order to beneficiate from its management and support to develop Working equitation. As the country doesn't have any proper national organism, Kazakhstan will enter the FITE as associated member. Integrating the FITE now allow them to enter as invited the European Championships of Working Equitation. This new membership is another step for the preservation of traditional equestion as well as for the development of Working equitation. The membership application has been validated by the Board and will then be confirmed with the General assembly vote. Kazakhstan becomes the 23th FITE member country.

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