De vallées en sommets - France-Italie

France-Italy: From Valleys to Summits

Cyril Robert takes us to discover Savoie.

In July 2017, Cyril Robert set off on a 700km trek through the French and Italian Alps with his mare Kamaée. Through the images of Morgane Moal, we discover the Savoyard landscapes, the paths taken, and the strong bonds of trust and friendship that unite Kamaée and Cyril.

The film "De vallées en Sommets» (meaning From Valleys to Summits) was then born, illustrating the man-horse bond through outdoor horse riding and all the logistics involved in a journey of this scale, while advocating for equestrian tourism that respects the environment and the horse.

Find all the information about the project and the film, on their website! (in French only). For more info on the film with English subtitles and all its news, go to its Facebook page!

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Photo©Morgane Moal


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