Involved in ENOS network (European Network of Outdoor Sports), the FITE joins the Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet, from September 24th to 26th, in Viana do Castelo (Portugal).

This 5th edition happens during the European Week of Sports, EWOS.

Over 300 participants, public and privates reunited for this appointment, which is the largest European meeting of sport and outdoors leisure participants.

Plenary, thematic workshop and outdoors activities – one of those being an invitation to learn more and discover outdoor equitation – punctuated these three days, dedicated to the sharing of good practices and how to implement them in outdoor activities.

ENOS’ General assembly, of which the FITE is one of the founders, was held on Wednesday 25th September. Mike Mc Clure, Manager of Development of outdoor activities and leisure (Northern Ireland), was elected president whereas the FITE replicated its interest and involvement in ENOS’ Board of Directors.


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