Equestrian tourism is an outdoors activity, available to everyone. This hobby can be carried out alone, with friends or family. Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, there is always a path to take.
A fun activity indeed, however, there are some basic rules that must be known for the safety and wellbeing of everybody. Plan stop points for a break and also watering places for your horse. Your outfit and your horse's must also be adapted to the weather.

Every activity should be practiced gradually: don't go on a 50km long hike if you have a new horse or if are an unexperimented rider: make sure the horse and the rider have the necessary experience for the planned itinerary..


Safety rules to know when outdoors

with the British Horse Society

To keep in mind before leaving

Before leaving, it is essential to know certain safety elements for your horse and yourself. We support you in this process.

1,5 m length

It is the required distance between two horses ensuring optimal safety for both horses and riders.


It is better to be insured in case of an accident.



A helmet is strongly recommended when going outdoors.

It is strongly recommended to wear reflective strip (for riders and horses) to be seen at night. A headlamp is also very useful to see and be seen.

Common courtesy is required even while on a horse. Go back to a slow walk and keep some distance when meeting riders coming the other way. Greeting and asking if you can pass the rider is always appreciated.

If you go on a walk with other riders, inform them that your horse can be unpredictable.

Riders shall comply with the traffic regulations of the country they are in.

Riders are invited to avoid any private properties and cultivated lands. 

It is highly recommended to go on a walk with identifications, for both rider and horse. 

Always carry a small amount of money, you never know what is going to happen. A map, a roadbook, and a charged cellphone are required. It is better if you can also take with you a string, a whistle, and a hoof pick. Make sure to carry with you a first-aid kit for yourself and your horse.

If you on your own, remain reachable by phone and prevent other persons that you are going on a ride alone and inform them of your route.

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Riding safety is more than just wearing a safety helmet, although that's certainly a great idea. It is rare that speed alone is the cause of an accident. 

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