Assemblée générale FITE 2022

Review of the FITE General Assembly 2022

The FITE General Assembly was held on August 28, 2022 at the Parc équestre fédéral in Lamotte-Beuvron (France), following the 2022 TREC World Championships.
More than 40 participants were present on site or via videoconference, representing 22 out of 26 FITE members.

This important annual meeting allowed FITE members to meet again after two General Assemblies held by videoconference due to the health context, to exchange on past FITE activities and to discuss future projects.

FITE 2022 Activities:

– Publication of the regulation for the equestrian guide diploma level 1,
– Publication of two bills of specification for the labels Horse-friendly Lodging and Equestrian Tourism Center,
– Production of a good practice guide on marking and signagne of equestrian routes,
– Obtention by the FITE of the participatory status of the Enlarged Partial Agreement of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe,
– Organisation of the first International Meeting of Equestrian Tourism,
– Participations and representations in several European and International institutions: EHN, ENOS, AERA, RED-MER…,
– Training of international judges of TREC and PTV and POR Course designers,
– Training of international judges of Working Equitation,
World Championships of TREC 2022 in France,
– European Championships of Working Equitation in the Netherlands.

2023 Projects:

The 2023 projects were also discussed, including the upcoming NETO equestrian tourism events and the upcoming sporting events:
- TREC European Cup (calendar to come)
– 2023 TREC European Championships Juniors and Young riders in Spain (date and place to be announced),
- European Working Equestrian Championships 2023 in Italy (date and venue to be announced).

The President thanks all the members present at this General Assembly and is delighted to see new projects taking shape and the resumption of equestrian tourism activities. He also thanks each and everyone, and in particular the members of the Board of Directors. He also thanked the ONTE France for its daily support to the activity of the FITE, especially Catherine Bonnichon-de Rancourt.

Crédit photos ©FITE_CDT


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