Epidemic of rhinopneumonia

In order to control the development of an epidemic of Myeloencephalitis - EHV1 (rhinopneumonia) which particularly affects Europe, and as a continuation of the measures taken by the FEI, the FITE has taken the decision to suspend its TREC, TREC in driving, working equitation, ski-joëing competitions in continental Europe until 28 March 2021.

The countries concerned by this decision are France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia. 

In the event of participation in a competition, gathering or training course involving the movement of horses, we encourage you to contact your NETO and the competent national veterinary authority to obtain information concerning the health certifications required by the country of arrival and return.

Maintaining sanitary safety is of paramount importance for all the actors of the equestrian world in this period already made complex by the Covid crisis.

The FITE Board of Directors calls for the respect and implementation of all preventive measures.


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