Frédéric Bouix avec Gaspard Koenig

2500km on horseback in the footsteps of Montaigne

Travelling through France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy since June 22nd with his mare Destinada, Gaspard Koenig, philosopher and essayist, is crossing Europe from Bordeaux to Rome following the route taken by Michel de Montaigne in 1581 to revive European humanism.

On 20 July last, Frédéric Bouix, President of the FITE, met them at Chambord (France). It was an opportunity to exchange views on French, German and Italian equestrian itineraries, on hiking techniques, but also on the horse's power of attraction and sympathy, a factor of sharing, and the Man-Horse link which unites these two partners in all equestrian activities.


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