A perfect mix between skiing and carriage driving, this discipline gets over the years an increasing number of adepts. 

Skijoring is a sport in which a person on skis is pulled by one or more horses, on snow but also on other types of fields: grass, sand, racetrack... At first, this activity was developed in order to organize competitions. However, it is also possible to arrange for hikes. 

There are 3 tests for Skijoring competitions
1. Giant or special slalom : horse and rider have to go through 8 to 12 gates (giant slalom) or through 12 to 15 gates (special slalom). The faster the speed, the higher the points the rider gets. 
2. Speed test: performed on a straight line or a circle 

3. Handling ability : the horse and his leader must pass a few difficulties (between 5 and 8) 

Skijoring was born in the Nordics countries, but it can now be practiced everywhere by everyone, no matter how the whether is. Competitions exist for Poney and Club levels. 
How to practice it ?

With the proper equid, skijoring is accessible from 6 years-old. 

The best ponys for this acitivity are shetlands for the younger children, bigger poneys or small horses for adults. However, all kind of poneys and horses can be used for skijoring. Saddle and draft horses can both be used for this sport.

For skijoring, the most important skill is not the speed and height. The most important is that the horse responds correctly to the voice and has been broken just like a normal plow horse. 

Important /!\ skis must not exceed 1.70m long. Otherwise, they might impede the horse's movement. 


Which are the required skills to perform this discipline?

For horses

Good pace

For riders

Good balance
Must like speed 


Giant or special slalom
Speed test
Handling ability


Technical datasheets and scoring

Take a look at the figures and print the scoring scheme !

Find all of the discipline's official documents

FITE provides you with files allowing you to consult the rules and the list of competition officials.

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Roster of judges
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