Raid du Centaure 2021

Let's go back on the Centaure Raid 2021

The Centaure Raid 2021, organized under the aegis of the FITE, took place from 26 to 28 November 2021, in Sommant in Bourgogne (71, France). For the 50 years of this test, the organizer wanted an outstanding event: mission accomplished!

All ingredients were brought together to ensure that this Centaure took place in the best possible conditions. Riders from Belgium, England and Spain were present to compete with French riders whose where present in force ", explains Jean de Châtillon, organizer of this test.

64 riders, representing 38 starting groups (individuals, groups of 2 and 3) faced temperatures between -4 and 3°and heavy snowfall on the Morvan, bringing joy around the riders.

« La première étape avec des départs échelonnés entre 23h30 et 02h38 faisait une distance de 76 km, les hauteurs de neige sur les plateaux ayant ralenti les concurrents, l’organisation a neutralisé le parcours au 62th km, because of the high level of the snow, slowing down the participants. […] The test intended to be very serious, thus it was. Riders with a lack of competencies and experiences struggled…

Les deux petites pauses permettant aux cavaliers de se nourrir, s’abreuver et se réchauffer étaient les bienvenues. Pour l’anecdote, 350 œufs et autant de tranches de bacon ont été consommés entre 4 et 9 h du matin !».

Over 38 starting groups, only 26 took the departure for the second phase, with a distance of 31 km, because of the tiredness of riders or the wish to preserve horses tired after the first 17 hours of ride.


Individual ranking:

  1. Lyse Mougel
  2.  Nicolas Dauptain
  3. Marie Hennebert

Group of 2 ranking:

  1. Julia Nael and Vincent Combes
  2. Solene Babeau and Eric Soeuvre
  3. Salomé Stanghellini and Pierre Altimir

Group of 3 winners : Morvan Python Galloping Circus – Caroline Brammer, Kirsty Adams and Kate Gilliam

Jean de Châtillon congratulates all the participants and specifies that " a Centaure is an event to not miss for the lovers of orienteering on horseback and challenging oneself. All horses finished the event in healthy conditions.”

See you next year, probably in Loire-Atlantique!

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