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1/ Cheval Nature Magazine

Find all of the useful information for your equestrian walks and hikes. This magazine, published by the French National Committee for Equestrian Tourism, promotes equestrian tourism and also many outdoors equitation disciplines.
Cheval Nature Magazine tells you all the information you may need: what equestrian tourism is, the recommended equipment, outdoors equestrian disciplines, meetings of the equestrian tourism area, itineraries, etc.
This magazine is a real tool for the outdoor rider. A dedicated website will soon be online.

2/ Events calendar

You would like to go on a walk or a hike but you don't want to go on your own?
Que vous soyez cavaliers ou meneurs, consultez en un clic tous les rassemblements équestres de France et inscrivez-vous !
A calendar of equestrian tourism events is available online on the SIF.

What is more, we recommend subscribing to the green permit (licence verte) while you go on walks or hikes. This subscription will allow you to go without worrying: you are covered if anything happens, participate in DUM's event, you can receive a certificate (degree) and also take breaks in equestrian centers. You can subscribe to the license/permit in the affiliated centers. It costs 10€ and is valid for 30 days.

3/ Reminder of the basic rules

1 / Take into account your abilities
2 / Take into account the outdoor conditions
3 / Remain reachable and trackable
4 / Have an adapted outfit (riding helmet, general outfit and yellow safety vest)
5 / Respect other users
6 / Respect the environment
7 / Report any anomaly
8 / Know road markings and signs
9 / Know traffic regulations and security rules
10 / Have some knowledge about the fauna and flora of the place where you are heading


Test your knowledge !

1 / 15

What is the first warming sign about the horse's health ?

2 / 15

What is the standard temperature for horses ?

3 / 15

What is the correct order of the main grooming tools?

4 / 15

Anorexia : the horse refuses to eat - one of these option is wrong, which one ?

5 / 15

While on a walk/hike, how do you feed your horse?

6 / 15

When should your horse drink?

7 / 15

In which order should the food be given to the horse ?

8 / 15

What is the minimum distance to be respected between two horses ?

9 / 15

Which one of these poisonous plants causes spasmodic colic ?

10 / 15

What does represent 2mm on a 1/100 000 map?

11 / 15

After an accident, how do you signal your position?

12 / 15

What is strictly forbidden for riders, even on foot?

13 / 15

What should you do if there is a riding accident?

14 / 15

What is the most important safety directive ?

15 / 15

Which one is the emergency number ?

Your score is

The average score is 50%


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To be sure to leave with your mind at ease, test your knowledge before your departure !

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