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Many useful information available for adepts of outdoor horse-riding.

Any rider wishing to go on a walk and/or hike must be informed for his own safety and for his horse's.

FITE's purpose is to promote equestrian tourism activities and events. Indeed, it wishes to raise riders' awarness about risks and rule to comply with they may meet while on an outdoor ride.

Thus, this new tab is made to help outdoor riders being aware of what they should know before going on a ride. This tab is composed of 3 units listing element to be known in order to safely practice outdoor horse-riding. If you have any other questions about safety or outdoor horse-riding, reach your club or the closest club, they will have answers to your specific questions.



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Is movement beneficial for horses ?

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What is the main activity of the horse ?

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What is the horse feeding regime ?

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Which one of these sentences is wrong ?

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The most often horses are released, the more they are susceptible to hurt themselves.

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What is the behavior expressed by this horse?

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In which order should the horse receive his food?

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How many liters of water a horse drinks per day ?

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What do you know about horses' hearing ?

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Rest standing is enough for horses ?

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To be sure to leave with your mind at ease, test your knowledge before your departure !

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