International Horseback Archery : IHAA ESTABLISHES TIES WITH THE FITE !

Negotiation about the affiliation of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) and the International Equestrian Tourism Federation (FITE) are ongoing since 2017. Horseback Archery European Championships were organised under the aegis of FITE and in partnership with the IHAA. These Championships offered the opportunity to gather 10 nations around horseback archery and to promote the 4 tests : Hungarian, Corean, Battle Track and Polish.

From January 10th to 12th, 2020, IHAA members were reunited in Pomaz, in Hungary, under the presidency Alan Le Gall and with FITE Technical delegate, Thierry Maurouard, attending the meeting, to represent the federation's president, Frédéric Bouix. Riders from many countries : Germany, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Great-Britain, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Ukrania, USA, Sweden etc. , discussed during 3 days about technical contents of the differents tests and to consider evolution for horseback archery's futur on an international scale. At the end of the meeting, the IHAA affiliation to the FITE was unanimously voted.

The IHAA was established in 2013 and has as passionate members from almost all of the world's continents, that are deeply invested in the development of horseback archery and in the regulation's standardization. Its purpose is to promote this sport through international competition where everyone is welcome. The IHAA is also willing to encourage the use of one and only regulation together with providing a scoring system that would enable archers to quantify their results and to target improvement goals.

This understanding between the IHAA and the FITE, which is going to be formalized in the weeks to come, enter horseback archery as a discipline managed by the FITE, together with TREC, Riding TREC, Working equitation, for which it received the FEI's acknowledgment. This is a new step in the promotion of outdoor equestrian activities throughout the world.

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