Équitation de travail – championnat

Championnat région PACA – Étape Coupe d’Europe

Working equitation championship, organised by Les Gardians de Crau. 
This championship will take place the Sunday 10th of May 2020,  à la Jordan’s Roping Association, située à Saint Martin de Crau (13), France. 

This stage is a qualificative test for the French Championship and selects Junior and Senior riders for the European Working Equitation Championship. 

Participation fees are 80€ (stable not included). The price for a stable, with hay and straw, is 25€ per night. Count a supplement of 8€ per extra hay ball.
If you wish to book a stable, please contact M. FABRE Jordan: +33 (0)6 99 32 32 72

For any additional information, please contact the competition organizer:  Mme AYMES Christine 
+33 (0)6 63 09 09 84 
By email: c_aymes1@hotmail.fr 


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