Working Equitation - Championship

PACA region championship - European Cup stage

Working equitation championship, organised by Les Gardians de Crau. 
This championship will take place the Sunday 10th of May 2020, at the Jordan's Roping Association, located in Saint Martin de Crau (13), France. 

This stage is a qualificative test for the French Championship and selects Junior and Senior riders for the European Working Equitation Championship. 

Participation fees are 80€ (stable not included). The price for a stable, with hay and straw, is 25€ per night. Count a supplement of 8€ per extra hay ball.
If you wish to book a stable, please contact M. FABRE Jordan: +33 (0)6 99 32 32 72

For any further information, please contact the competition organiser: Mme AYMES Christine 
+33 (0)6 63 09 09 84 
By email: c_aymes1@hotmail.fr 


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