Equirando 2022: registration is open!

Organized under the aegis of the FITE, theEquirando 2022 will take place in July, from 29 to 31, at the Haras des Henson, in the French region Hauts-de-France.

Usually organized every two years, the Equirando is planned, this time, one year after the 2021 edition, for an amazing trip in Baie de Somme, native land of the Henson horses.

The Equirando, is the bigger European equestrian tourism gathering , bringing together horse riders and drivers. Participants, from all over the European continent, called the Equirandins, hike, some of the participants leaving weeks or months before, in order to join other riders at the same place, for 3 years of festivities!

Register now!

Whether you are a solo rider, with family or friends, or a club, Equirando is waiting for you! Prepare your adventure, go on the trails and discover the remarkable natural setting of the Baie de Somme. Open to everybody, the Equirando is a real breath of fresh air and nature.


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